The story of Alma's Alchemy really begins with Alma Betty Benjamin who was born in Leeds in 1927. Alma was a kind, compassionate and creative woman who would eventually get married and become a doting mother to three children. Alma was one of those women who was just made to be a mother - she enjoyed cooking and baking for her family, and was a dab hand with the needle and thread. 

Out of her three children, Alma had one little girl called Ruth who was also the youngest of the three siblings. Growing up in the 60's, Ruth could either be found unleashing her creative side through her love of art, or would bound outside in nature, often returning home with bruised and cut knees as a sign of her wild adventures. Like her mother, Ruth always dreamed of having a family of her own.

Ruth eventually settled down and got married with the hopes of starting a family of her own. However, just three weeks after her wedding day, Alma passed away after a brief battle with cancer, never getting to meet her granddaughter, Victoria, who was born six years later.

Like her mother, Victoria grew up with a love of nature, adventure and creativity and many Sunday afternoons were spent in the garden together or being immersed in various craft projects. 

Also, like her mother and her late grandmother, Victoria dreamt of having a family of her own. In 2017, her dream came true and she had a daughter of her own. As they both grew older, the two women celebrated and nurtured one another's creativity and passion, becoming not just mother and daughter, but close friends. 

Alma's Alchemy was created in honour of Alma Betty Benjamin. A fierce mother with a passion for nature, compassion, creativity and family. Although she is no longer with us, these passions are alive in her daughter, granddaughter and now her great-granddaughter. Four generations of strong, empowered women with a desire to share that compassion and creativity to others.

Everything made at Alma's Alchemy celebrates this. 

We celebrate family: we are a mother and daughter business

We celebrate creativity: everything is individually hand-made by us

We celebrate compassion: everything we make is vegan

We celebrate nature: everything we make is either up-cycled or Eco-friendly

We celebrate Alma: everything we do, we do in her loving memory






Ruth is currently enjoying her retirement by spending time with her husband, children and grand-children.

In addition to making some of the beautiful jewellery featured on this website, Ruth also has a passion for singing with her local Rock Choir.




Victoria is mum to a fiery toddler and also works part-time as a psychotherapist and holistic massage therapist with her private practice, Alma House Therapies.

She enjoys time with family and friends and relaxes by doing arts and crafts in her spare time.